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User Cannot Read Cvsroot

CVSUMASK does not affect the file permissions in the working directory; such files have the permissions which are typical for newly created files, except that sometimes CVS creates them read-only (see The timezone on the timestamp in CVS/Entries (local or universal) should be the same as the operating system stores for the timestamp of the file itself. Sign up for the SourceForge newsletter: I agree to receive quotes, newsletters and other information from sourceforge.net and its partners regarding IT services and products. All you have to do to have several repositories is to specify the appropriate repository, using the CVSROOT environment variable, the `-d' option to CVS, or (once you have checked out weblink

The first character of each line indicates what sort of line it is. If the -I! If this is not the problem and the file in question is a text file, you might have binary keyword-expansion mode set for the file. It might be on the local computer, or it might be on a computer across the room or across the world.

For example, the set user ID (setuid) or set group ID (setgid) features of unix or the installed image feature of VMS. Please use the `-d' option cvs [update aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable. The format of a line in `Entries.Log' is a single character command followed by a space followed by a line in the format specified for a line in `Entries'. Or to be more accurate, the known holes have been plugged.

How to reduce the width of the equation in a text paragraph? How data is stored in the repository For most purposes it isn't important how CVS stores information in the repository. If you need to reset your password, click here. For example, filename case is significant in Linux and Unix filesystems, but not in Windows filesystems.

Retrieved from "http://commons.oreilly.com/wiki/index.php/Essential_CVS/CVS_Administration/Troubleshooting" Views Article Discussion View source History Personal tools Log in / create account Navigation O'Reilly Commons Community portal Current events Recent changes Random page Help Search Toolbox Is it possible to hand start modern planes? You can temporarily force CVS to recognize an ignored file by stating it explicitly as a command parameter. Changing the Root files automatically find ~/cvs/wizzard -name Root | xargs perl -p -i'.bak' -e "s/helit/lat/;" Misconfigured Access Methods Some of the access methods require configuration.

Here is an example `passwd' file with five entries: anonymous: bach:ULtgRLXo7NRxs spwang:1sOp854gDF3DY melissa:tGX1fS8sun6rY:pubcvs qproj:XR4EZcEs0szik:pubcvs (The passwords are encrypted according to the standard Unix crypt() function, so it is possible to paste The CVSROOT directory getscreated. To do this, CVS needs to be compiled with GSSAPI support; when configuring CVS it tries to detect whether GSSAPI libraries using kerberos version 5 are present. Help answer threads with 0 replies.

  1. CVS will recurse and handle all the details of making connections to as many server machines as necessary to perform the requested command.
  2. Then check that there are no files whose names start with `#cvs.rfl.'.
  3. Many repository problems are caused by permissions errors.
  4. What was wrong or missing, what may be the reason for this error message?
  5. This normally means that you must create a UNIX group (see group(5)) consisting of the persons that are to edit the files in a project, and set up the repository so
  6. The repository server must be running a server process that can accept the protocol the replacement is using and that can run the commands sent by the rsh-replacement program.
  7. The usual solution to this problem is to have inetd run a shell script which then invokes CVS with the necessary arguments.) If your inetd wants a symbolic service name instead
  8. Of course :fork: comes in particularly handy in testing or debugging cvs and the remote protocol.
  9. For example, cvs -d /usr/local/cvsroot init cvs init is careful to never overwrite any existing files in the repository, so no harm is done if you run cvs init on an

If you really want to deny all non-CVS users access to the CVS tree, rather than Code: chmod 775 cvsroot use Code: chmod 770 cvsroot and no non-CVS users will be After obtaining the `#cvs.lock' lock, create a file whose name is `#cvs.rfl.' followed by information of your choice (for example, hostname and process identification number). If you want real security, get Kerberos. For example, suppose you are the user `mozart' on the local machine `toe.example.com', and the server machine is `faun.example.org'.

A system administrator. > > Either of those can add other users to the ACL but be sparing - checking > out CVSROOT is an information leak. > > Tony Previous http://rinfix.com/user-cannot/user-cannot-log-in.html The connection is authenticated using GSSAPI, but the message stream is not authenticated by default. The single character command is `A' to indicate that the entry is being added, `R' to indicate that the entry is being removed, or any other character to indicate that the Any file in the repository with a name starting with `#cvs.wfl' is a write lock.

The first area of big memory consumption is large checkouts, when using the CVS server. Then I can select one an check it out to a local diretory and work on it. In the current version (and for the foreseeable future), this location is through the [email protected] mailing list. http://rinfix.com/user-cannot/user-cannot-log-in-530.html To use this method, it is necessary to make some adjustments on both the server and client sides.

In other words it does pretty much the same thing as :local:, but various quirks, bugs and the like are those of the remote CVS rather than the local CVS. The permissions are the same as on the old server (we usedpermcopy). Use the command cvs status filename to show the keyword-expansion mode, and use cvs admin -kkv filename to fix the file in the repository by setting its keyword-expansion mode to the

If you find something out, please let us know as described in section Dealing with bugs in CVS or this manual.

Is there a way to echo the commands it is sending to CVS? Certain changes in a repository or a repository's host environment can cause the Root and Repository files in a sandbox to be out of date. Once, I was working on a project where I had to connect to the repository server through an intermediate proxy server. Thanks - Andy R If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: AndyR - 2006-08-28 PS At the command

Quote: Note: all the above relies on your users doing all CVS activities using CVS commands; i.e., no writing directly in the CVS repository files and directories. Hang on to the `#cvs.lock' lock. I am going to have a lot of users with no CVS experience and need a way for them to see what modules already exist for checkout. http://rinfix.com/user-cannot/user-cannot-log-in-ftp.html I updated the admin file as follows and it now works:\ColinPost by Ernst GillYou have to put admin users also in the admin file located in theCVSROOT directory of

Programs which are writing rather than reading can safely ignore `Entries.Log' if they so choose. `Entries.Backup' This is a temporary file. Right now, the only way to put a password in the CVS `passwd' file is to paste it there from somewhere else. If you expect heavy use of CVS, you may need to configure inetd to accept more connections per minute. If your replacement converts line endings, CVS is unable to determine where the end of each line is, so the merge methodology fails.

When reporting a bug, include the command you used, what you expected the command to do, and what the command actually did. Also note that users must have write access to the `CVSROOT/val-tags' file. To save changed files, copy them to the new sandbox before erasing the old sandbox. (If the new sandbox has newer revisions of some files, don't copy over them.) To fix